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Sample Analysis

How to submit samples

You can request for an appointment on an instrument and fix the same in consultation with the respective in-charge for your sample analysis. The samples should be submitted in the prescribed format indicating the information called for as well as your special requirement, if any. If you are sending them by speed post, please enclose the payment along with the samples and address the same to:

The Hon. Director,
Inter University Instrumentation Centre,
Mahatma Gandhi University,
Kottayam-686560, Kerala, India

Only on receipt of the payment along with the samples, they will be registered for analysis and taken up for measurement as per the seniority/queue of the users of the instrument concerned. As soon as the analysis is over, the result along with the receipt / bill can be collected themselves. While submitting samples for more than one analysis separate samples are to be sent for each.

Mode of Payment

Please note the current policy on payment of analysis charges: Our current policy requires analysis that payment is received before the samples can be registered and analysis took up. Please make sure that the payment is received along with the samples.

Payments are to be made only online transfer to

Bank: State Bank of India
Branch: M. G. University Campus Branch
Account Name: Equipment Maintenance Fund (EMF-IUIC)
Account No: 67212747998
IFSC Code: SBIN0070669

Please note that in the event the payment received is more than the actual analyses charges incurred, it will not be possible to refund the excess amount paid. However, the excess amount may be adjusted against future analyses by the same user or another user from the same organization following a written request by Email or hard copy.

Any other information in contact :


Sl. No Facility MG University


Educational institutions




1. ATR-FTIR 50 150 300
2. HPLC 100+solvent charges 400+solvent charges 800+solvent charges
3. UV –Visible Spectrophotometer Liquid-50 Liquid-150 Liquid-300


Solid-200 Solid-400
4. LC-Q-ToF(Xevo, G2 Q-ToF MS System)* DI-200+ solvent charges DI-1000 + solvent charges DI-1000 + solvent charges
With column- 500+ solvent charges With column-2000+

solvent charges

With column-5000+

solvent charges

5. GC-MS/MS Scan Unknown Analysis:  400

SIM/MRM Quantification Analysis: 600

Scan Unknown Analysis: 1000

SIM/MRM Quantification Analysis: 1500

Scan Unknown Analysis: 3000

SIM/MRM Quantification Analysis: 4000

6. TGA/DTA/DSC 400 (upto 700oC) 1200 (upto 700oC) 2400 (upto 700oC)
850 (above 700oC) 2400 (above 700oC) 4800 (above 700oC)

*Data Interpretation- Upto 10 compounds Rs.5000 (or Rs.500 per Compound). For each additional compounds after 10, Rs.200 per compound


Sl No Facility Contact Person Contact No
1 ATR-FTIR (IR Prestige 21) Akhil Nazim 7012217059
2 HPLC (LC-20 AD Prominence) Arun P 9778505776
4 UV-Visible Spectrophotometer Muhammed Mubashir P V 9846222072
5 LC-Q-ToF (Xevo, G2 Q-ToF MS System) Arun P 9778505776
6 GC-MS/MS Pooja S Kumar 9074038161
7 TGA /DTA /DSC Arun P 9778505776

Application for LC-Q-TOF

Application for TGA

Request for Water

Application for UV Visible

Application for FTIR

Application for GCMS

Application for HPLC

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